What Can I Do With A Healthcare MBA Degree?

With the healthcare industry being one of the largest in the United States, you may be asking yourself “what can I do with a healthcare MBA degree?

What Can I Do With A Healthcare MBA Degree

Why Earn A Healthcare MBA Degree?

Obtaining a Healthcare MBA Degree should result in stable employment for years to come. In fact, the job outlook for this career is expected to keep growing through the year 2016. With this in mind, let’s discuss what you can do with your experience in this field.

What Can I Do With A Healthcare MBA Degree?

One of the more common career paths is hospital administration. This job involves managing numerous employees and the various departments of a hospital to ensure that things run smoothly. You may also be responsible for keeping up with medical records and handling financial concerns pertaining to things like Medicaid. Going this route is smart because of the potential for high earnings. In fact, the average Hospital Administrator can expect to earn over $100,000 per year and has the potential for a salary increase later on.

Another possibility is working for a group medical practice. This career path primarily involves working with a group of doctors to maintain existing policies and develop new ones. You will also be responsible for taking care of finances like ordering new supplies and equipment. In many cases, you will also need to plan and stick to a budget for the facility you work in. If you work in a large facility, you may oversee the day to day operations of bookkeepers to ensure that financial transactions and taxes are done correctly. While it may take some time to work your way up the ladder, you will most likely have the potential for future management opportunities and career development in a group medical practice.

In addition, you have the option of working as a healthcare consultant. The specific duties of this job can differ depending upon the size of the facility you work at, but generally involve optimizing the efficiency of a facility. For example, you may develop strategies to save money and provide patients the better service. So, if you’re wondering “what can I do with a Healthcare MBA degree?,” there are several options available.